(1.07 MB 784x1000 IMG_8898.PNG)
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とちゃき 02/16/2018 (Fri) 22:44:40 [Preview] No.111250 del
(50.00 KB 450x320 1514571561382.jpg)

とちゃき 02/17/2018 (Sat) 18:50:29 [Preview] No.111323 del

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 14:37:48 [Preview] No.111371 del
(230.04 KB 800x1100 1518964648308.jpg)

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 19:41:41 [Preview] No.111385 del

(82.31 KB 694x539 ロシア語!.jpg)
ネバダでもロシア語! とちゃき 10/06/2016 (Thu) 12:33:44 [Preview] No. 511 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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とちゃき 02/16/2018 (Fri) 19:44:00 [Preview] No.111242 del

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 09:52:59 [Preview] No.111357 del

https://youtube.com/watch?v=TL9qWmZ7FB4 [Embed]

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 10:45:30 [Preview] No.111358 del
(23.90 KB 300x467 1518950700860.jpg)

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 15:23:40 [Preview] No.111374 del

> 歌詞の中にバカってフレーズがあって笑った
だってチルノのバカだよ。 彼らはそのことについて歌っているよ。

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 19:40:25 [Preview] No.111384 del

(62.17 KB 380x316 1327143244369.jpg)
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とちゃき 02/17/2018 (Sat) 20:29:47 [Preview] No.111325 del
(16.43 KB 400x423 1518899348778.jpg)

とちゃき 02/17/2018 (Sat) 23:53:54 [Preview] No.111331 del
(120.95 KB 631x473 1432631384067.jpg)

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 15:25:59 [Preview] No.111376 del

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 19:07:59 [Preview] No.111383 del

wetter threda Bernd 09/05/2017 (Tue) 16:39:44 [Preview] No. 9926 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
anyone else following weather and shit?

current proceedings: Irma is now cat 5, expected to trail just north of Greater Antilles and south of Florida. Jose following close by in similar track. hoping for a nice show and responsible damage control in affected parts Haiti get your shit together

websites for tracking tropical cyclones:
<but I don't understand technical terms and shit, I need something for keins

general websites:
<for keins
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Bernd 02/15/2018 (Thu) 17:09:34 [Preview] No.13685 del
Why this phenomenon has such mysterious quality? Also where the initial warm air forms? Coz the mesosphere supposed to be colder just like the upper region of troposphere.

Bernd 02/15/2018 (Thu) 21:25:45 [Preview] No.13693 del
Mesosphere is indeed colder, but its potential temperature is higher. If you take air and lift it, allowing to expand (because of pressure difference), its temperature will drop by about 10°C per each km. You may note that the gradient of temperatures is never above that; this is expected, for otherwise the warm air would be able to convectively rise, even when dry (condensation of water releases some extra energy, which means that in wet conditions, gradients for triggering convections are lower).

So, the main explanation says: the air rises from equatorial parts of stratosphere, and transports through the upper stratosphere or perhaps even mesosphere towards the pole. The pole has cooled down because stratosphere is heated by UV radiation from the Sun (this is why it can have positive temperature gradient with height); a process that also produces ozone; and during the winter poles receive no solar irradiation, causing it to start cooling down. Also, tropopause is lower at the poles, so stratosphere starts at lower heights and thus higher pressure. So, the equatorial stratospheric air somehow transports across and falls into the polar vortex, where it descends, and heats up (because of pressure differences). Why this happens? It's presumed to be connected to situations of split polar vortex, the details aren't clear, but whenever there's an intrusion of warm air, it seems to come from Tibet (which is high enough to mix up air around the tropopause), or from the Rockies; in both cases apparently a mountain range near the centre of the split polar vortex triggers transport of air over said vortex at lower stratospheric heights into the main vortex in upper stratosphere.

Bernd 02/18/2018 (Sun) 08:20:11 [Preview] No.13721 del
(264.98 KB 664x528 sno_02_18.png)
I sure love to start the day with a warming-up snow shoveling.

Bernd 02/18/2018 (Sun) 18:41:02 [Preview] No.13728 del
I see, I guess.
So the air coming down from the higher regions of the stratosphere into the polar vortex warms up and splits and some part (or all?) of it rises back.
What does this change in the weather effecting us (as in surfacedwellers and not just us here at about the Carpathian basin)?

Bernd 02/18/2018 (Sun) 19:01:49 [Preview] No.13731 del
(4.42 MB 768x768 tempresult_ohs3.gif)
(5.84 MB 768x768 tempresult_kmc8.gif)
(3.27 MB 768x768 tempresult_ekt9.gif)
Generally the heat starts diffusing, which makes the polar vortex weaker, in turn weakening the wind streams around it. This is why the jet stream is breaking lower down.

And it seems an anomalous loop (I mean, look at this anticyclonic loop over Norwegian/Greenland Sea) that's going to form from the jet stream is going to bring eastern winds and severe cold to Europe in a week or so.

actually, what I see happening here is that the global circulation is trying to transition from 3-cell pattern into 5-cell pattern; however the transition is temporary and incomplete

(3.26 MB 1813x2847 house-of-soviets.jpg)
(4.39 MB 3401x2535 pantheon.jpg)
(702.43 KB 907x1280 triumphal-column.jpg)
(1.18 MB 1240x1280 war-museum.jpg)
Architecture Bernd 08/27/2017 (Sun) 19:41:21 [Preview] No. 9750 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
This board requires diversity of threads, so let's talk about architecture.

I'd start with stealing some images from some blog and post them there, because I can. This is photos of Soviet projects of 1920-1960s. Sometimes they look straight from Rome or WH40K, it is sad that they weren't implemented (but some of them are pretty crazy though). Modern architecture is a mistake.

1 - project of House of Soviets in Leningrad, 1936
2 - Pantheon of war partisans, project, Moscow, 1942
3 - Victory column at Manezhnaya square in Moscow, 1947
4 - project of Museum of Patriotic War on Red Square, 1943.

It is interesting that they started to draw war projects when war wasn't over.
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sage Bernd 02/15/2018 (Thu) 19:31:15 [Preview] No.13687 del

Bernd 02/16/2018 (Fri) 06:47:15 [Preview] No.13696 del
Your Latin is that good? Nice.
I checked it out (the English translation) and it seems to worth browsing. I don't know your approach but for me it would be a good additional DIY manual. For example how to make certain colors. But it can offer more for even me. I say you should check the table of contents and pick something which really tickles your interest read it (because the book lay-out is very well and parts are divided as a whole), then move to the next.
>painting/art thread.
We have none. Well, the Music and the BONG thread and a late drawfag thread which was flushed into oblivion but I don't think those really count. You can start one if you have something in mind and we'll see how it goes.

Bernd 02/16/2018 (Fri) 17:08:01 [Preview] No.13699 del
Oh, my latin is no existent, I just read translations.
As for the painting/art stuff. I don't know if I have enough for a thread, there was just one particular thing I wanted to bring up because I can't find anything about it, but I can always add some other stuff I found out along the way.

Bernd 02/16/2018 (Fri) 17:28:57 [Preview] No.13701 del
>my latin is no existent
In this case consider downloading this instead:
The other is Latin.
>As for the painting/art stuff. I don't know if I have enough for a thread,
That's all right maybe others have stuff to add, maybe it will give us ideas.

Bernd 02/18/2018 (Sun) 18:48:13 [Preview] No.13730 del
I actually have something to post in an art thread. Well I think with contemporary standard I could call it art.

israel is literally hitler threda Bernd 12/07/2017 (Thu) 08:51:54 [Preview] No. 12408 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I am going to start with a new possible thread.


Religion of peace is peacefully resisting Zionist imperialism again.
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Bernd 02/07/2018 (Wed) 21:31:01 [Preview] No.13571 del
>>Lenin (Blank)
>I heard about this too. While I think that name is bullshit, he was Jewish tho.

It is actually has some real source. Lenin's (Ulyanov's) mother had last name Blank, and her father was a Jew named Israel Blank. Although by Jewish rules Lenin wouldn't be considered proper Jew.

>This law was applied to Jews living on Joseph's domains I dunno outside of these what was the naming conventions or how the family of Trotsky's got their and what could be their original Jewish name.

It was same in Russian Empire, Jews were forced to get last names and they mostly took last names from local language and places - here they was Polish and rarely German. So, person from Russia with last name ending -skiy has good chance to be a Jew.

We had another wave of last name changing in Soviet times, when Jews took Russian last names. Here is Soviet joke:

Jew walks into passport office.
- Hello, I want to change my last name.
- Ok, what last name do you want?
- Petrov
- And what last name do you have?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Bernd 02/08/2018 (Thu) 06:26:02 [Preview] No.13573 del
>There will be nothing because I know the truth
Does he have something on his accusators to blackmail them?
When will Orbán and co. stand before the law for their stealings? ::deep sigh::

Bernd 02/17/2018 (Sat) 11:17:34 [Preview] No.13712 del
Help me Bernd. Who said this (or something very similar, it's not a word to word quote):
>Jews are like salt. The food is tasteless without it, but too much makes it foul as well.
A simple googling doesn't help. I'm fairly sure it wasn't a Hungarian who said that.

Bernd 02/18/2018 (Sun) 00:01:18 [Preview] No.13719 del
I'm not sure but I recall something from pre-ww2 polish nationalist saying something like this.

Bernd 02/18/2018 (Sun) 18:43:56 [Preview] No.13729 del
Could be. For some reason I would connect it to some pragmatic absolutist monarch who quick to borrow money from Jewish bankers but as easily would discard them when he feels like it. But I really can't tell. Oh damn.

(35.59 KB 384x384 yukari.jpg)
ボイスロイド等スレ とちゃき 01/19/2018 (Fri) 00:08:29 [Preview] No. 108840 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 08:54:21 [Preview] No.111347 del

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 09:14:17 [Preview] No.111355 del

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 13:39:27 [Preview] No.111366 del

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 17:23:17 [Preview] No.111380 del
(2.64 MB 640x480 8feetgirl.mp4)

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 18:42:39 [Preview] No.111382 del

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とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 15:00:57 [Preview] No.111372 del

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 16:39:22 [Preview] No.111378 del

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 16:44:57 [Preview] No.111379 del

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 18:19:49 [Preview] No.111381 del

(144.61 KB 389x464 handsomebtw.png)
Bernd 02/16/2018 (Fri) 07:21:10 [Preview] No. 13697 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
i am not german and i dont speak german
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Bernd 02/17/2018 (Sat) 23:54:36 [Preview] No.13718 del

Bernd 02/18/2018 (Sun) 08:15:21 [Preview] No.13720 del
Wie gehts?

Bernd 02/18/2018 (Sun) 12:25:14 [Preview] No.13723 del
gut, und du?

Bernd 02/18/2018 (Sun) 18:17:40 [Preview] No.13726 del
(1.72 MB 199x215 1478818389109.gif)

Bernd 02/18/2018 (Sun) 18:18:42 [Preview] No.13727 del
Es geht.
Wo ist das Gebäude der Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaft, bitte?

(368.90 KB 3000x1688 be free or die.jpg)
(454.76 KB 764x3344 lv-guide2.png)
Libre Vidya Thread Bernd 06/25/2017 (Sun) 11:20:07 [Preview] No. 8329 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Let's see your TOP 3 open source community driven games.

I personally love games involving strategy:

Warzone 2100: https://www.wz2100.net/
Great tech tree with a balance on power, research and production with a tech tree you will never complete.

OpenRA: http://www.openra.net/
Now with near complete Tiberium Sun support and RA2 soon.

Unvanquished: https://www.unvanquished.net/
An advanced FPS with a strong emphasis on team play and tactics.
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Bernd 02/07/2018 (Wed) 18:40:07 [Preview] No.13570 del
>in those situations it's extremely useful to have another person to brainstorm ideas with
Yup. Also a copybook to take notes.

Bernd 02/08/2018 (Thu) 16:29:06 [Preview] No.13577 del
(61.07 KB 640x480 die_by_the_sword.jpg)
I remember playing Die by the Sword for a short time. Not exactly like this >>13566 but a pal of mine played it in parallel and we exchanged our opinions and ideas. There were some puzzle or something I couldn't solve, neither did he. Something should have been done but we couldn't figure out what probably because of the lack of English skills or something. Then that was it.

Bernd 02/18/2018 (Sun) 11:44:10 [Preview] No.13722 del
Last weekend installed the first one, played now I had some time to test it more extensively than a couple of minutes.
Yeah, the controls are awkward as fuck, even with reconfigured keyboard, but manageable. The game feels very enjoyable with a somewhat hard start as for the lack of handholding. To be frank it's enjoyable probably because of that. No map, so I have to be aware the terrain more, tho the game world doesn't look like too huge and every feature is unique.
How can I climb down? Upward is ok, but down can be tricky. Some places he just fall down after a short step, other places he jumps which can be too far and misses the next platform and hurts himself on the ground, and at one place I found him bouncing off the cliff into a deadly fall. Crazy.
Wanted to murder Mud that obnoxious tick. I led him out of sight then I bashed him with a sword. But he ran away. I haven't seen him since. Good job.
Do monsters respawn?

Bernd 02/18/2018 (Sun) 15:18:57 [Preview] No.13724 del
Great. I haven't played first one for ages so I might not have much tips, but tell when you move to the 2nd one, I have some fresh knowledge.

Yeah, you're a total pushover in the beginning and every fight is hard but that will slowly change as you progress. However there exist some techniques that will allow you to beat monsters that seems unbeatable at early stage. Lot of opponents have some patterns in movement and attacking that you can counter with your actions and win fights unscratched. Feel free to look for guides how to fight certain enemies. You need to know that in gothic 1 armor works in such a way that weak attacks will never harm some creatures, but in gothic 2 every weapon will deal at least some damage, no matter how weak the attacker and no matter how armored the defender. If you don't feel like killing troll on 1st level then feel free to wait until you're strong enough for normal fight.

As for map, you can buy one in the old camp and then access it by "m" key (or in inventory). I think this is great idea, it gives player indication where he is while maintaining some sort of realism as opposed to modern games of this genre where they give you basically a gps system.

>climbing down
Unfortunately no such thing, you'll just have to jump down and hope for the best or just look for other way. IIRC in New Camp you can learn Acrobatics skill which will alow for reduced damage from falling and greater leaps.
Also don't forget to experiment a bit. Once in gothic 2 I though I was stuck on a cliff because there was no way that I could jump back without falling into canyon, but I had a scroll that allowed me to transform into a monster and it had different jumping animation that allowed me to escape.

I played polish version so I don't know who he is. It's the annoying guy from old camp who keeps following you and interupting with his stupid talk? Yeah beating him is the only answer and you only need to do this once.

They do when you progress to the next chapter. Usually if a place was initially belonging to scavengers, then more scavengers will appear. However sometimes it will be a different kind of monster that might hunt the kind that was there earlier, usually it happens in the late game. Some monsters might spawn while doing certain quests.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Bernd 02/18/2018 (Sun) 18:06:23 [Preview] No.13725 del
Thanks. Those info might help.
Without the default orientation devices which are so common crpgs I had to rely on real life experience and info to get my bearing which gave huge bonus on immersion.
I wanted to travel to New Camp, but no map, no compass(! every fucking game has this by default and without actual reason). I heard in the Old Camp that it lies to the East (I think Diego mess it up and he put it in the West where the Sect is). So I had to figure it out where was East. It was dark so I waited for the Sun to come up and where it rises that's East so I headed that direction and ta dah I got to New Camp just fine. Without all that equipment now the Sun isn't just there because, well, every world needs one, it's not just for the scenery, or for the day and night cycle but it can be used for orientation too.

Yeah, Mud is the obnoxious guy in Old Camp who follows you everywhere and stop you to have a conversation in every other minute.

Czwarty 02/16/2018 (Fri) 21:32:29 [Preview] No. 17403 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
nie wiem co dalej robic w zyciu.pomocy

Star 02/17/2018 (Sat) 19:53:39 [Preview] No.17409 del
(241.03 KB 600x450 1(1).jpg)
kurka ja mam tak samo jak ty

Lorefin 02/18/2018 (Sun) 03:29:56 [Preview] No.17410 del
1. Ćpać więcej opiatów
2. Znalezc bratnia dusze
3. W koncu zaruchac....
4. zrobic sobie operacje plastyczna.....

ultimate /4/ goals....

Gnijący 02/18/2018 (Sun) 14:32:05 [Preview] No.17413 del
(42.87 KB 741x568 1x5f07gh.vichan-2.png)
ja w sumie też ehh

Rzeczywistość 02/18/2018 (Sun) 17:23:25 [Preview] No.17416 del
a ja wiem tylko boję się, że nie dam rady przez stan psychiczny

(61.72 KB 420x523 picture of home.jpg)
MASSIVE DEPRESSIVE DISORDER THREAD Czwarty 02/18/2018 (Sun) 14:05:38 [Preview] No. 17412 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
i guess it's something in my brain
i need my drugs to ease the pain

Czwarty 02/18/2018 (Sun) 14:51:48 [Preview] No.17414 del
current mood.mp4

https://youtube.com/watch?v=bUFWXpYJKaI [Embed]

Rzeczywistość 02/18/2018 (Sun) 17:18:29 [Preview] No.17415 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=oE4yBvzlyps [Embed]
nie ma drugiej piosenki, która by mnie tak uspokajała i dawała mi takie uczucia jak to

since i was born i started to decay

(251.52 KB 800x660 tabi_camera_nikki.png)
ここはお前の日記帳 とちゃき 01/15/2018 (Mon) 23:07:02 [Preview] No. 108427 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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とちゃき 02/17/2018 (Sat) 12:19:18 [Preview] No.111294 del

とちゃき 02/17/2018 (Sat) 12:36:06 [Preview] No.111295 del

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 15:24:07 [Preview] No.111375 del

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 16:19:59 [Preview] No.111377 del

(699.48 KB 1000x656 1515129536809.png)

前スレ >>96553
前々スレ >>343
本家 https://dec.2chan.net/61/res/10697.htm
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とちゃき 02/17/2018 (Sat) 03:17:11 [Preview] No.111270 del
(60.45 KB 480x678 1518837411784.jpg)

とちゃき 02/17/2018 (Sat) 05:00:05 [Preview] No.111274 del
(321.06 KB 1481x2048 1518843531291.jpg)

とちゃき 02/17/2018 (Sat) 13:05:01 [Preview] No.111296 del
(479.30 KB 2508x3541 1518872630922.jpg)

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 09:19:00 [Preview] No.111356 del
(31.84 KB 240x240 main@2x.png)

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 15:20:57 [Preview] No.111373 del
(51.80 KB 683x824 1518965973307.jpeg)

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とちゃき 02/06/2018 (Tue) 21:06:11 [Preview] No.110410 del
(1.25 MB 960x504 1517950989217.png)
(152.15 KB 728x410 1517950989218.jpg)
(114.73 KB 728x410 1517950989219.jpg)

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 12:37:55 [Preview] No.111364 del
(459.08 KB 800x601 IMG_6621.PNG)
SRPG Studioは手軽で懐かしい感じがしてつい遊んでしまう

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 14:06:56 [Preview] No.111367 del

(159.41 KB 1349x1080 3744965174.jpg)
hey gosu
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とちゃき 02/17/2018 (Sat) 11:43:46 [Preview] No.111292 del
(1.69 MB 340x227 1518867812363.gif)

とちゃき 02/17/2018 (Sat) 15:36:34 [Preview] No.111310 del

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 02:47:30 [Preview] No.111339 del

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 12:38:04 [Preview] No.111365 del
(248.56 KB 2304x1728 1518957466261.JPG)

馬鹿スレ とちゃき 01/12/2018 (Fri) 15:58:52 [Preview] No. 108076 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
ウォ~ウォ~オ~ さあ馬鹿になって踊ろ
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とちゃき 02/17/2018 (Sat) 23:23:55 [Preview] No.111329 del

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とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 12:21:15 [Preview] No.111363 del

(85.57 KB 446x299 kunni-watchin'.jpg)
クンニリンサン is watching you とちゃき 10/15/2017 (Sun) 17:56:47 [Preview] No. 99772 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

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とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 11:50:49 [Preview] No.111360 del

(6.84 KB 170x170 株スレ.jpg)
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(375.98 KB 1130x501 1517779531239.jpg)

とちゃき 02/06/2018 (Tue) 02:43:23 [Preview] No.110340 del

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とちゃき 02/11/2018 (Sun) 12:09:16 [Preview] No.110776 del
(368.46 KB 1127x497 1518350931951.jpg)

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 10:56:18 [Preview] No.111359 del
(355.53 KB 1130x500 1518951308529.jpg)

(432.78 KB 1536x2048 青.jpg)
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(257.10 KB 772x1065 1517178460900.jpg)

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(47.45 KB 499x800 1515650495827.jpg)

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とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 00:21:36 [Preview] No.111333 del

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 09:10:31 [Preview] No.111354 del

daitouryouのスレッド二十枚 新生daitouryou ##OojRHU 02/07/2018 (Wed) 11:21:45 [Preview] No. 110447 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

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(389.54 KB 959x1400 1518893398553.jpg)

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とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 08:23:51 [Preview] No.111344 del

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 09:09:11 [Preview] No.111353 del
(133.43 KB 797x1148 1518935510592.jpg)

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とちゃき 01/21/2018 (Sun) 07:39:43 [Preview] No.109063 del
ぜんぶちがうですけど WWW

とちゃき 01/21/2018 (Sun) 07:50:50 [Preview] No.109064 del
(60.65 KB 350x350 page-7589.jpg)

とちゃき 02/18/2018 (Sun) 09:04:03 [Preview] No.111352 del
(33.02 KB 488x372 birdman-fujiko.jpg)

(68.67 KB 720x720 例の顔.jpg)
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(115.40 KB 1024x1024 1518626891626.jpg)

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とちゃき 02/16/2018 (Fri) 08:50:47 [Preview] No.111192 del
(63.71 KB 714x1000 1518529896504.jpg)

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